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The behavior is the key point. I went without an appointment but it was emergency and they took me in. For them I didn't miss the doctors appointment that day. Thank you guys. You are awesome.


Just another small auto shop looking to drive revenue at the cost and time of patrons. Not only did they screw me out of dollars and time the average clientele here is quite old; and they seemingly take advantage (new wiper blades, your tires are worn, etc-) I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. You're better offer a dealer, the rate is cheaper there anyways.


I took my car into Auto Clinic for a Drive Clean emissions test, and diagnosis because my check engine light was on. They told me it would fail the Drive Clean because the engine light was on. I knew this. They told me that they would do a diagnosis, to find out what the error codes were and that I would be notified what the problems were, and warned me it could get expensive to rectify the errors. Then I got the some "good" news from them, if the repairs were higher than $450.00 I could get a conditional pass on the Drive Clean. I would not need to repair every error code listed if I had to spend above $450, and I can renew my license. This is all fine, but when I got the bill, all they did was spend their time "diagnosing" my car, to the tune of $450! They didn't fix anything because after their diagnosis fee, I was over the exemption limit. Even if they charge $100 an hour diagnosing, they diagnosed for 4.5 hours! Sure, my car needed more that $450 work on it, but they didn't address a single issue to resolve any error codes. I got the car back with the check engine light still on, and a $450 bill, and no work was done on it aside from their diagnosis. I'm never taking my car back here so enjoy my $450, grease rats!