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I took my car into Auto Clinic for a Drive Clean emissions test, and diagnosis because my check engine light was on. They told me it would fail the Drive Clean because the engine light was on. I knew this. They told me that they would do a diagnosis, to find out what the error codes were and that I would be notified what the problems were, and warned me it could get expensive to rectify the errors. Then I got the some "good" news from them, if the repairs were higher than $450.00 I could get a conditional pass on the Drive Clean. I would not need to repair every error code listed if I had to spend above $450, and I can renew my license. This is all fine, but when I got the bill, all they did was spend their time "diagnosing" my car, to the tune of $450! They didn't fix anything because after their diagnosis fee, I was over the exemption limit. Even if they charge $100 an hour diagnosing, they diagnosed for 4.5 hours! Sure, my car needed more that $450 work on it, but they didn't address a single issue to resolve any error codes. I got the car back with the check engine light still on, and a $450 bill, and no work was done on it aside from their diagnosis. I'm never taking my car back here so enjoy my $450, grease rats!